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A "Yacht" of Fun Aboard Stonehedge@Sea

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Bianca and Brandon are global travelers. They love traveling the world and exploring different cultures, cuisines, and sights. They've been to many countries and cities and want to experience something special wherever they go. That's why, when they decided to visit Fort Lauderdale recently, they chose to stay aboard Stonehedge@Sea.

Stay Outside the Box Aboard Fort Lauderdale's Only Boutique Yacht Hotel

Stonehedge@Sea isn't a a standard box hotel. It's a boutique hotel aboard a superyacht. Bianca and Brandon had heard about this unique concept from a photographer friend who had tried it before and raved about it. Stonehedge@Sea, their friend had told them, was a luxury superyacht that offered all the amenities and services of a five-star hotel, but with the added benefit of being on the water with incredibly attentive staff. They could enjoy the views of the water, the breeze, the sunsets, and the stars, while also having access to spa services, an exceptional dining experience aboard, a bar with mixologist, and a concierge. They could even, with advance reservations, choose to dock at different ports around the area, or even travel aboard to the Keys or nearby beaches.

Bianca and Brandon decided to stay outside the box and experience Stonehedge@Sea

Oh Captain, My Captain!

Bianca and Brandon booked their stay on Stonehedge@Sea because they were impressed by their friend's accounts of the hotel and the photos and reviews they saw online. Of course, they were eager to see it for themselves. They arrived at the yacht hotel on a sunny afternoon this November, and they were greeted by the friendly staff and the captain. They were shown to their room, the Owner's King Bedroom, which was spacious, elegant, and comfortable. They were pleased to see an honor bar that offered the first four items from the honor mini-bar for free. "That's a nice touch," thought Brandon, as he smiled and sipped a complimentary tequila from the mini-bar. "They don't nickle and dime you. That's luxury." The room had a king bed, a sofa, a TV with Netflix and on-demand programming, a mini-fridge, a coffee maker, a safe, and a private bathroom with a hot tub. It also had a fun portholes that proved they were indeed on the water. The captain had intrigued them when he mentioned that they could request massages and spa services in their stateroom.

guests arriving at a yacht hotel in Fort Lauderdale
Bianca and Brandon arrived at Stonehedge@Sea this past November for their first visit

A Passion for Travel and Adventure

They unpacked their bags and decided to explore the yacht. They were amazed by how beautiful and well-maintained it was. Bianca and Brandon had their guestroom on the water, on the first level, with the lounge, bar and dining room on the second level where they could enjoy a variety of dishes or sip on cocktails, wine, beer, or soft drinks, and mingle with others. The upper deck, as Bianca soon discovered, was the yacht's sun deck, where the couple could lounge on the comfortable chairs and admire Fort Lauderdale's active waterways. They also met the staff, who were from different parts of the world and had different backgrounds and interests. They all shared a common passion for travel and adventure, and they soon became friends.

Spa Services to Cocktail Receptions

Bianca and Brandon spent the next few days enjoying Stonehedge@Sea and its surroundings. They indulged in spa services in their stateroom, feeling pampered and relaxed. They ate delicious food, savoring every bite and drank cocktails in the bar, including during the complimentary evening cocktail reception, where they could chat with the staff and the captain, and learn more about the history and legacy of Stonehedge and Fort Lauderdale. They sunbathed on the sun deck, getting a nice tan. They soaked in their private hot tub, feeling the tension melt away.

man and lady being served cocktails at a bar on a superyacht
Cocktails are just better on a yacht, something Bianca and Brandon discovered aboard Stonehedge@Sea

Explore Venice in America

They also explored different places around Fort Lauderdale, such as Las Olas Boulevard, the Riverwalk, and Fort Lauderdale's fabulous beach. They met some friends, explored the city's attractions, shops, museums, and nightlife. The had cocktails at a hidden speakeasy that their Stonehedge@Sea concierge, who at that point in the evening had become their friend and trusted resource, had directed them to. Unlike other hotels, the extremely low guest to staff ratio at Stonehedge@Sea meant that someone is always available to attend to guests' needs during their stay. The next morning, Brandon suggested to Bianca that they use the free bikes available to guests to ride around the city, feeling the wind in their hair as they rode to the nearby French bakery their concierge had suggested. They also rented jet skis to tour the waters of Fort Lauderdale, which is known as the Venice of America, because of its many rivers and waterways. They had a blast.

three friends enjoying drinks and snacks at a Fort Lauderdale restaurant
Bianca and Brandon wanted to hang out with their friends in Fort Lauderdale, so they asked their Stonehedge@Sea concierge to curate a night out for them. They had a blast.

Choose Your Selfies Wisely

One of their favorite moments was their selfie on the bow of the yacht, with the sun setting behind them. They smiled and hugged each other, feeling happy and grateful. They had found the perfect way to stay outside the "box" and have a yacht of fun.

Bianca and Brandon had a wonderful time at Stonehedge@Sea. They felt pampered, relaxed, and entertained. They also learned a lot, met new people, and made new memories. They agreed that it was one of the best trips they ever had, and they would definitely do it again. They thanked the staff and the team for their excellent service and hospitality. They packed their bags and were taken to the airport by the hotel in its private sedan, driven by one of the hotel's friendly staff. They felt like royalty. They waved goodbye to Fort Lauderdale and boarded their flight. They looked at each other and smiled, knowing that they had found their new favorite way to travel. They kissed and whispered: "We'll be back."

a couple taking a selfie from the bow of a superyacht
Choose your selfies wisely. Bianca and Brandon did and found their perfect selfie spot aboard Stonehedge@Sea.

Create your own adventure in Fort Lauderdale with Stonehedge@Sea and share your experiences with us. We're excited to welcome you aboard soon.

All images courtesy of Cory Goldberg Photography. Copyrighted works, all rights reserved.

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